About Me

Creator: Amy Jennifer Woollard

Age: Its a secret....

Currently: Creative Designer at Dolly Millinery Jan 2011 - Present
Using the past to inspire today, I design and make beautiful hats.

Creatively Lost June 2006 - Sept 2009
Attend an exhibition entitled 'The Golden Age of Couture' and a friend suggests I become a hat maker. This is the match that started the fire.

Wannabe Fashion/Knitwear/Textile Designer Sept 2004 - June 2006
Short lived University experience, where I learnt that the fashion world is hard and tough. No regrets about leaving this course.

Foundation Year Sept 2003 - June 2004
A year of tears and joy. I learnt about graphics, fine art, sculpture, 3D design, photoshop, textiles, illustration, embroidery, pattern cutting and many other design related things.

The Teenage Years Sept 1997 - Sept 2003
Many years filled with baggy clothes and unrequited love. Never again thank goodness!

A Child Jan 1985 - Sept 1997
I loved posing for the camera, being silly and my Saturday morning 20p pick & mix.