Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Royal Wedding - That Dress

So I took my opportunity to indulge in some real pomp and pageantry. This is the first big royal wedding of my lifetimes so I was going to make the most of it. My Hubby was at work and joked that he would come home to find me in my wedding dress crying! This obviously didn't happen. I did put on a lovely outfit all of my own creation (I will just slip that in there) including a headpiece obviously.

I was sat on the sofa watching the BBC commentary and I have to say I felt the styling of some of the commentators was pretty bad. Anyhoo it was a little tedious until Celebs started filing the abbey. Obviously the big talking point was VB, her outfit was a beauty. I love the colour, to me it looked like midnight blue very flattering although her poor feet did look unhappy in those shoes. Her hat was a treat for the eyes, although for me I would of liked it on more of an angle. It felt rather severe in the middle of her head. Although saying that it was a theme of the day to have your hat smack bang in the middle of your forehead.

The other talk of the town was Beatrice and Eugenie, bless them. To me it seems that they had tried really hard to be fashion forward, but it just didn't work. So far I have seen no praise for either of their outfits. Must try harder girls.

Well I know I am a little late with this one but my internet did go down over the weekend (probably due to all those bloggers tip-tapping away about K & W). So where to start.....I think we all know how everyone feels about that dress. Simply beautiful, it is truly timeless. Which I have heard complaints from some quarters that when we look back in 20years we won't be able to look back and laugh at how 2011 it was. In my mind its a good thing.

Grace Kelly looking very beautiful, but obviously very different to the Duchess of Cambridge.

I hope that this style of dress will become more popular, every wedding dress I see seems to be of very similar look and design. This brings a breathe of fresh air into the scene.

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